Pros and cons of boys:

  • Con: They’re dicks
  • Pro: Their dicks

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AU The Fault In Our Stars where Hazel Grace succumbs to the cancer and dies and in the last scene all you see is Augustus standing out side with a cigarette between his lips and a hand slowly reaching up to light it.

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i’m scared to have kids like what if they’re not punk rock?????????????

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i wanna wear cute outfits with tons of lace and pretty things but i also wanna be really hardcore and wear a ton of black but mostly i just wear the same pants every day

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5sos are getting so famous, I feel like my chance to meet them is melting like snow under the sun

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Ashton drives me bananas because of obvious reasons

What I Like About You +

He looks so smug omg
"What’s an acacia" -

Wise words from Ashton Irwin everybody.

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